Why Apple may be up against Google Maps?

Expectations are high for the enhancement of the map application.

Apple (Apple) has released Apple Business Connect, a free tool for business owners such as shops and companies that can customize the company information, photos, etc. displayed on Apple Maps.

Why Apple may be up against Google Maps?

# Customize your business disclosure

Apple Business Connect, which can be said to be Apple's version of the business profile implemented in Google Maps.

Administrator information is posted on Apple Maps. Information such as routes, phone numbers, websites, etc. registered in this way will work with the user's Siri, wallet, and messages.

It can also include actions such as notifying users of limited-time products, booking appointments and ordering delivery.

Why Apple may be up against Google Maps?

To enroll in Apple Business Connect, use your existing Apple ID or create a new Apple ID. Please login here.

After Apple confirms your business, apply for an address and registration is complete. You can now update or configure your location.

For business owners with multiple locations, Business Connect API is provided, so you can easily register the latest multiple locations on the map.

# Provides insight information

With insights information provided by Apple, you can know the search volume, route, what you searched before reaching the page, etc., and assist your business growth.

Apple also offers Business Essentials, a comprehensive set of services to support your business. Business Connect seems to be positioned as the first step in introducing it.

Why Apple may be up against Google Maps?

It is noteworthy that this release will collapse the stronghold of Google Maps.

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