Minecraft Legends launches April 18th, looks like a different breed of RTS - Polygon

    Microsoft's game studio Mojang has announced that it will release a new title, Minecraft Legends, on April 18th.

Minecraft Legends launches April 18th, looks like a different breed of RTS - Polygon

    Minecraft Legends is the new spin-off of the best-selling game of all time, Minecraft. It is a multi-platform work that can be played on Windows PC, Xbox, PS4/5, and Nintendo Switch.

    While retaining the elements of exploration, resource acquisition, construction, and combat, which are the basics of Minecraft, you can design a huge fortress and have your mobs build it, gather an army and challenge the dark forces to a big battle. You can experience a big "legend".

    When the Overworld, the base world of Minecraft, was once invaded by the Nether of Darkness, the player takes on the role of a hero in the legend of the Overworld, who led a wide variety of mobs (meaning "races" here) to fight back. operate as

    In the main story of Minecraft, he works diligently with a pickaxe and a shovel, but in Legends, he's a legendary hero, so if you wave the flag, mobs that match the biome (environment) will rush to join you and collect resources in the area you instructed. increase.

 Instead of building blocks one by one, you can instruct your subordinates to build a castle wall or have them build various facilities.

   It is a strategy work that has a history of leading and commanding an army while fighting by riding a horse and swinging a sword.

    The game modes range from single-player battles against the forces of the Nether, to co-op battles against the CPU in which you cooperate with other players, and up to 4-on-4 battle modes.

  Developed in collaboration with Stockholm's Mojang, the original developer of Minecraft, and Canada's Blackbird Interactive.

 Blackbird Interactive is a studio established by the creator of Homeworld, a three-dimensional spacefleet real-time strategy game. We are also involved in the mobile AR game Minecraft Earth, which ended in beta, and together with Mojang, we are a studio that is familiar with “mineralness”.

  In the gameplay released on Xbox Developer_Direct, you can freely design a large fortress that would take a tremendous amount of time to build in the main game of Minecraft, and there is also a tower defense-like scene where you meet the Nether's great offensive.

    The previous spin-off "Minecraft Dungeons" was a work that focused on the fun of simple action battles and repeated drops, and there was no building or resource gathering, but Legends is a different story from the main story. It seems that you can enjoy the large-scale play that you imagined while playing the main part with the game nature.

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