iPhone 15 Leak Information Summary

 What will happen to this year's iPhone?

iPhone 15 Leak Information Summary

The new iPhone "iPhone 15" series is announced and released every autumn .

I've already heard various rumors, but apparently it's better to wait until the iPhone 15! I feel like there's going to be a big change on the level that can be said .

So, on this page, we're going to summarize the various iPhone 15 rumors we've heard so far.

Not to mention the fans who buy new ones every year. For those of you who are looking to switch to the latest model, and wondering if it will be a good time to buy a new one this year, let's gather information from now on and get excited.

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# iPhone 15 announcement/release date: May be announced around the second week of September

First of all, when will it be announced? That's what I mean.

It is relatively stable here every year, and the standard cycle is to announce the second week of September and release it the following weekend.

Is it possible to expect a stable supply thanks to the increase in production basesThere are rumors like that, so I think it's probably okay to assume that this year as well.

However, there are only two days in the first week of September this year, so the announcement may be delayed to the third week and the release to the fourth week.

# iPhone 15 lineup: classic 4 lineups?

Four lineups are expected for the iPhone 15 series so far.

First of all, from the name, there are four models  "iPhone 15", "iPhone 15 Plus", "iPhone 15 Pro" and "iPhone 15 Ultra".

yeah? Ultra? Yes, the 6.7-inch Pro is currently called the "Pro Max," but there are rumors that it may be renamed to the "Ultra".

It's not confirmed yet, but I'm using that name in this article as well as my expectations.

Each feature is as follows:

・ Basic model "iPhone 15"

・ Basic model with a large screen “iPhone 15 Plus”

・Pro model "iPhone 15 Pro" with enhanced camera and display

・The Pro model has a larger screen ・Maybe more functions will be added? " iPhone 15 Ultra"

As for the expected size, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro are 6.1 inches.

The iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Ultra will be 6.7 inchesThere seem to be no major changes from the previous series in terms of basic size.

# iPhone 15 Design: Is It Really Round?

2023 is the year when big design changes will be made every three years. Last time it was the iPhone 12, the mini joined the lineupI don't have it anymore.

So far, there are no rumors of major changes to the basic design, but maybe it will be a rounded design? I'm starting to hear a lot of stories about the theory and screens and materials.

1. Elimination of notches

The notch will be abolished in all models in the iPhone 15 series. Rumor has it. It is said that it will be unified into "Dynamic Island", which is only used in the current Pro series.

If this is true, it may be time to finally say goodbye to the notch that's been around for six years since the iPhone X.

2. Titanium material for Pro and Ultra?

With the iPhone 15, the material may be changed to lightweight and sturdy titanium for the higher Pro and Ultra?

The current iPhone 14 Pro series is made of stainless steel, which is strong but has a solid feel.

# iPhone 15 screen: Only Pro and Ultra may be always on?

There was a "Dynamic Island" theory for all models in the design, but it seems that the display is not the same for all models. Always-on and 120Hz-powered ProMotion is expected to be Pro and Ultra only.

The in-display fingerprint sensor will not come this year either. Continuation of Face ID. maybe.

# iPhone 15 camera: The camera may be further enhanced!

Camera performance is indispensable as an evolution of the iPhone.

Even with the iPhone 14 (especially the Pro), the camera has evolved significantly, but it seems that we can expect even higher image quality.

1. All models have 48 million pixels

There are rumors that the main wide-angle camera of the iPhone 15 will be 48 million pixels for all models. Moreover, there is a possibility that Sony's latest sensor will be adopted!

2. Is the telephoto lens a periscope with a maximum of 10x?

There are rumors that the iPhone 15 Ultra will have a periscope telephoto lens with 5x to 10x optical magnification.

There are already some models of Android equipped with a periscope lens, but it may be possible to enjoy super-telephoto on the iPhone! Considering that, maybe there is also an Ultra aim?

3. Is there only two front cameras for Ultra?

There are also rumors that only the iPhone 15 Ultra, which goes above the Pro, will have a dual-lens front cameraI don't know the detailed specifications, but if it's true, this seems to be a reason to choose Ultra.

# iPhone 15 terminals and buttons: May be significantly revised

The iPhone 15 may undergo an interface review. Here are the rumored changes:

1. Leaving Lightning to USB-C

It is rumored that the iPhone 15 series will finally abolish Lightning and switch to USB-CI sincerely hope that this rumor is true, as the cables you carry around can be unified into one USB-C cable!

However, it has been suggested that there may be a difference in transfer speed between iPhone 15 and iPhone 15Pro/Ultra. I feel like I have to actually announce this hit.

2. Buttons are pressure sensitive

There are also rumors that the power button, volume button, etc. will be tactile feedback.

It doesn't dent when you push it physically, but it feels like you pushed it by vibrating. That's the method. If true, would it be even more waterproof?

3. Is the eSIM model available?

In the United States, it has been an eSIM-only model since iPhone 14, but perhaps the domestic model may follow this trend. 

# iPhone 15 specs: Possibility of mixing A17 and A16

This is also an interesting spec (processing capacity), and although the iPhone is crisp and comfortable even with heavy processing, it does not stop its progress.

1. Is the latest chip only Pro/Ultra?

In the iPhone 14 series, the chips installed in MUJI and Pro were different, but this trend may continue in the iPhone 15 series.

The latest A17 Bionic chip is only for iPhone 15 Pro / UltraThe unmarked iPhone 15/15 Plus may be the A16 Bionic used in the current iPhone 14 Pro.

2. 8GB memory for Pro and Ultra?

The amount of RAM (memory) may be 8GB for the iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra, while the iPhone 14 series is 6GB.

There were rumors that the high-speed "LPDDR 5X" would be adopted, but it seems that "LPDDR 5" will remain the same as it is now, so we are looking forward to the announcement here as well.

3. 5G modem chip continues Qualcomm?

We've been hearing that Apple is developing its own 5G modem chip for quite some time, but it seems that development has been difficult.

The theory that the iPhone 15 series will continue to use Qualcomm chips is (so far) strong.

If we can unify even the modem in-house, it will lead to further efficiency and power saving.

# Summary: I think the iPhone 15 is worth the wait!

So, that was the summary of the rumored iPhone 15 series so far.

Of course, these are just rumors. The truth remains a mystery until the release date this fall, but there are still rumors that are realistic, such as USB-C, so it's still fun. Of course, we will keep you updated on a regular basis as new rumors emerge!

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