YouTube Music 2022 Recap, or waiting for Spotify Wrapped

The YouTube Music platform has just made available to its users this year's edition of the summary, i.e. Recap 2022. We can check which artists we liked the most in 2022, which songs we loved the most, and which genres were most often hosted on our players.

We love summaries. This is evidenced by the popularity of all kinds of reports that provide us with information about trends and interesting facts about, for example, the past year. Even better, when such statements concern us and our tastes and habits determine their content. This is the case with YouTube Recap 2022 music recap.

YouTube Music 2022 Recap, or waiting for Spotify Wrapped

YouTube Music Recap 2022, or who we are and what we listen to

Following in the footsteps of Spotify and the annual Spotify Wrapped summary, the YouTube Music platform once again provides its subscribers with the opportunity to see its statistics for 2022. While Google Play regularly informs users about their preferences during the year, Recap is ultimately the most popular. 

As with Spotify Wrapped, YouTube Recap 2022 appeared at the end of the year, in late November and early December. Users can get acquainted with the summary of their musical adventure of the past 12 months by means of an attractive and interestingly prepared presentation. Recap was first made available by YouTube last year and it's proving to be very popular.

Importantly, YouTube Recap 2022 is also available from the actual YouTube app, which makes sense given its link to the Music service. However, this is not the only novelty, because this year's edition of the summary can boast several interesting novelties.

New in YouTube Music 2022 Recap

First of all, Top Trends, i.e. listing those artists that we managed to discover before others. It's sure to delight those users who had the opportunity to experience the music of the creators before their global or national popularity exploded - it's good to know you have that ear.

In the second place is Identity. This is the name of the function that gives the user a kind of musical identification, based on his favorite music genres, songs, and artists he listens to. In this case, it's about capturing the musical "essence".

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