There's a strange manned vehicle headed to the moon! As provided by NASA, the date is

Amazing experiments are currently being carried out in the Arizona desert. There was a very interesting-looking manned rover that would fly to the moon and allow astronauts to explore the surface. NASA gave the date of this great event.

The American Space Agency has been intensively preparing for the return to the Moon and its colonization for several years. This is an incredibly colossal undertaking that requires the development of advanced technologies for the normal functioning of astronauts on this inhospitable globe.

There's a strange manned vehicle headed to the moon! As provided by NASA, the date is

Therefore, the exploration of the surface of our planet's natural satellite is to be carried out using the most innovative vehicles ever created by mankind. NASA engineers have had their visions for this daunting task for a long time, and one of the results of their work is the design of a new, large manned rover.

NASA's innovative manned rover on the moon in 2030

Unfortunately, the surface of the Moon and Mars is strewn with rocks, stones, and craters bathed in dust. Therefore, the best way to move around it will be on board a special vehicle, which will not be afraid of such inhospitable and extreme conditions. According to NASA's plan, it is to be a space camper. Astronauts will have all the necessary tools, equipment, supplies, and accommodation at their disposal.

In the Apollo missions, astronauts navigated the Moon in fairly simple rovers. Now that intensive exploration and preparations for the construction of the first bases are involved, vehicles must meet much greater requirements. According to NASA, the tested rover is also to be home to advanced robots that will not only support the work performed by astronauts but also carry out their missions on the surface for research purposes.

NASA tests its rover in the Arizona desert

Scientists have no doubt that if such unique vehicles prove themselves on the natural satellite of our planet, they will also appear on Mars. For now, NASA has begun new tests of its now-good vehicle in rocky areas north of Flagstaff, Arizona. The astronauts not only traveled in this space camper but also spent the night in it. Tests have shown that such a means of transport can be very useful during the colonization of foreign globes.

"People spent two nights in the rover and three days traversing the entire lava flow, doing a real geological survey while talking to Mission Control in Houston and really simulating a lunar mission," said Omar Bekdash, an engineer involved in the manned rover project. According to NASA plans, the vehicle is to appear on the Silver Globe during the Artemis-7 mission, which will be carried out in 2030.

The NASA vehicle was equipped with six independently controlled wheels. Each of them can be lowered and set in different positions, which is to facilitate overcoming difficult terrain. The manned capsule itself can hold several astronauts and research equipment. Scientists also did not forget to ensure safety against relish and radiation.

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