PS5 exclusive game "Returnal" to be released on PC in early 2023.

PlayStation 5 exclusive third-person shooter game "Returnal" will be available on PC.

According to Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), the PC version of Returnal will be released in early 2023.

There is no information yet about product information such as specific release dates and prices, distribution platforms, etc., but we have already released screenshots of the PC version and announcement trailer videos.

"Returnal" is a rogue-like third-person shooter game released on PlayStation 5 in April 2021. Developed by a long-established arcade-like action shooter, Housemarque, a Finnish studio acquired by Sony last year.

In the transitional period of platform transitions, games for the latest generation flaunt the "Exclusive!" Or even with a time limit, or the game itself being a remaster of an already released title, Returnal is one of the few early games to be released as a full PS5 exclusive. did.

"Returnal" is a third-person action shooter x roguelike genre, and a sci-fi horror x psycho suspense story. The official introduction is:

Astronaut Selene crash-landed on the mysterious planet "Atropos" that keeps changing. Crash - for some reason, it's destined to return to the moment of the crash and start the journey of escape again."

Developed by Housemarque, the studio specializes in nimble twin-stick shooters and 2D action games, such as the 360-degree shooter "Stardust" series and the cylindrical orbital shooter "Resogun", which was distributed free of charge in the early days of PS4.

The studio's first 3D big-budget epic, Returnal takes the basics of an action shooter to a new level of sophistication, running at high speeds, dashing invincibly through barrages, and closing in on enemies with deadly melee attacks. The fun of classic actions like slashing with slashes and jumping through platforms filled with brutal traps is exceptional.

As a rogue-like game, the map is procedurally generated, and although there are interrupted saves, there is no "restart from checkpoint", so each run is one-time and fresh.

It's the type of game where it's not stressful when things don't go according to plan, but it's fun, and the most enjoyable moments are when a smooth run collapses due to the slightest chance or mistake, or how you manage to survive the perfect storm of unhappiness. .

"From the beginning when you die" games sometimes feel like a waste of money, but "Returnal" is like "HADES", which has greatly developed roguelike games in recent years. It also incorporates an element in which the game progresses as it is locked, and the future can be seen little by little without relying only on the player's skill improvement.

The view of the world that combines science fiction and gothic horror, and the story of the main character's past that is gradually unraveled are also outstanding.

"Remains of an alien civilization that was destroyed a long time ago" tends to be common in science fiction, and "Returnal" doesn't present innovative new visuals, but it still uses the PS5's functions lavishly. The expression is beautiful, and there are things to see such as the expression of fog realized by original shaders and processing.

If a PlayStation game is delayed and released on Steam, the price tends to be affordable, so I can recommend it to those who like action, quick play and crunchy 3D shooters, even though they didn't buy a PS5. Without fear of misinterpretation, it is a game that seems to sell better on Steam.

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