PlayStation Plus games for December are officially revealed! RPG Christmas

PlayStation Plus games for December have been officially revealed. Strong titles, including my beloved series!

If you follow the console market more or less persistently, you are aware that since PlayStation 4, Sony forced players to buy a PlayStation Plus subscription if they wanted access to online services. To sweeten the bitterness of this expense a bit, as part of the equivalent of the "membership fee" paid, players began to receive new games to download every month.

Currently, the subscription has been extended and owners of PlayStation consoles can choose the type of membership - Essential, Extra, or Premium. Fortunately, even with the cheapest subscription, we still get access to games. Recently, Sony officially released the gems, available in the December release.

Games available on PlayStation Plus for December 2022

The number of games on PS+ usually oscillates between 2 and 3 productions. It is no different this time, where players have 3 titles at their disposal, although one of them actually contains the entire trilogy, so we can talk about 5 games. Which ones?

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Divine Knockout (DKO), and Biomutant. The first position, which is Mass Effect, probably needs no introduction. A great action-RPG game that has seen four views (although some fans will not recognize Andromeda), which is my absolute favorite in the entire gaming world.

PlayStation Plus games for December are officially revealed! RPG Christmas

The second item is DKO, which the developers call "the world's only third-person platform fighting game." I admit that it sounds intriguing, although I think I'll stay with the wonderful Mortal Kombat ...

The last of the available items is Biomutant, which has a really fancy collector's edition. I played this production for a while and I must say that the world presented in it is truly fascinating. If you haven't seen this work, I highly recommend checking it out!

Golden Internet Explorer receives…

Sony PlayStation Plus, for adding the Mass Effect Legendary Edition to its catalog of games. The first who decided to give players the Shepard trilogy as part of the subscription was Xbox. Mass Effect Legendary Edition joined Game Pass in January. The second was Amazon, which was giving away a PC version in July this year for Prime Day.

From December 6, players with a console from Sony will get copies for themselves as part of a paid subscription. A bit late, don't you think...?

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