Lost Ark's Geralt will join the Witcher in 2023

Lost Ark's Geralt will join the Witcher in 2023

Lost Ark is a very popular MMORPG, especially in Asia, which has also won the hearts of European and American fans. Now there will be an unusual "cross" because Geralt of Rivia will be added to the game. What exactly is this event about?

Lost Ark won the hearts of fans

Lost Ark's Geralt will join the Witcher in 2023

Lost Ark is, contrary to appearances, not a new production. This MMORPG game launched in 2019, but was initially only available in Asia. Only this year it went to America and Europe, where it is published by Amazon Games. They got the finished product and only had to pack it nicely, and it must be admitted that it succeeded. LOA won the hearts of players on the Old Continent, becoming one of the most popular MMORPGs.

It was certainly facilitated by the fact that World of Warcraft had a lot of problems, and the Final Fantasy style is not convincing to everyone. The production published by Amazon is further developed and the creators regularly add content to it, such as additional classes or new continents. Soon, European players (Asians can already) will encounter Geralt of Rivia there too!

Lost Ark's Geralt will join the Witcher in 2023

The Witcher in the popular MMORPG

We've known for a long time that Geralt of Rivia (the main character of The Witcher series of games) will go to LOA, but now it's become a fact. CD Projekt Red has partnered with Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG (creators of LOA ). What exactly is this crossover all about?

Known characters from The Witcher are to appear in the popular MMORPG. They will be:

  • Geralt of Rivia,
  • Yennefer,
  • Triss,
  • Buttercup,
  • Cirilla.

Interestingly, the voices are to be voiced by the original actors from the game. Everything will take place as part of a special limited-time event that will take players to a new island - White Wolf's Haven.

A mysterious vortex is about to appear and interrupt the celebration, and quite unexpectedly the Witcher and other characters will arrive from another space-time with whom we will have to solve the puzzle related to this anomaly.

I have to admit that the creators invented it very well and such a cross certainly adds color to this MMORPG. European and American fans will have to wait until January when the event will debut on their servers.

Lost Ark is a free game that you can download from here.

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