How to combine several videos into one? The leading montage apps

Video rules. The popularity of short videos posted on social media is increasing. The number of webinars and other visual forms of learning, information, and entertainment are also constantly growing. There seems to be no turning back from this trend. However, it is not enough to record the material and upload it to the network. In order for this form of communication to be attractive, it still needs to be properly assembled using an editing application.

How to combine several videos into one? The leading montage apps

How to combine videos and photos?

Preparing a film usually involves the need to combine several different materials. You can use both the video clips themselves and intersperse them with photos. Subtitles, special effects, and sound are also often added.

Installation is not an activity reserved for professionals. Thanks to the available free programs and applications, anyone can do it. It is only important to choose intuitive software, the operation of which will not require many hours of learning.

However, when wondering how to combine videos and photos, it is good to start not with downloading the program, but with the selection of material.

Placing all the recordings to be edited in one folder makes subsequent work much easier. Assembly specialists also recommend that you more or less determine what the nature of the production is to be. Depending on this, the transitions will be more dynamic or calmer. This will allow you to easily choose the length of the shots and the appropriate effects.

How to assemble videos for free?

You have to reckon with the fact that editing apps available for free have some limitations. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't use them. On the contrary, it is a very good choice for people who are just learning how to combine photos and videos. A good mastery of the basic tools is enough to create even more complex projects.

By using free editing applications, you give yourself time to decide whether you want to develop in this direction and invest in more advanced software.

Useful functionalities that are most often used in post-production are:
  • Timeline, i.e. the timeline window. It allows you to insert files in a specific order and determine the length of individual shots. The timeline is also often divided into two segments - usually, the video track is visible at the top, while the audio track is below it. Here you can also speed up or slow down the video.
  • File preview window. This is where you can see all the edited parts of the material. Videos and photos can be found here.
  • Preview of the assembled film. It allows you to watch the editing effects on an ongoing basis and make the necessary adjustments.

The best montage apps

How to assemble videos for free? Which video editing apps are worth paying attention to? We present 5 of the best of them.

DaVinci Resolve

We start with an application used by professional video creators. The number of functions allows for both basic and very advanced assembly. Built-in tools give you the ability to set colors, edit sound and freely combine individual images. Although it is an application used even in film studios, it can also be used by amateurs.


The free version of Lightworks is a tool designed for advanced editing of movies of any resolution. The finished production can be saved in virtually any format. It is also useful that this assembly program has the function of automatic saving of projects. As you work, you don't have to remember to save your changes regularly. The advantage is also the ability to directly export videos to YouTube or Vimeo.


How to combine several videos into one? The leading montage apps

This application is considered one of the simplest to use. By default, editing is set to videos in 1:1 format, i.e. intended for publication on Instagram. However, you can change this parameter and give a different frame size. When editing, the user has the option of adding many elements such as music, stickers, his own texts or special effects.


Attention is drawn primarily to the unusual appearance of the program's interface. Instead of the standard audio-video track, lists and relationships between clip elements have been used. The advantage here is certainly the many available options that enable even advanced assembly. Finished movies can be saved in 4K resolution.

Adobe Premiere Rush Starter

How to combine several videos into one? The leading montage apps

The free version of Adobe Premiere is a movie editing application that is really worth your interest. By installing it, the user will be able to correct the film, give it selected colors, length of shots, and transitions. The program also provides access to 2 GB of cloud space.

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