Google has released a list of the best apps of 2022

2022 is coming to an end. It's a time to take stock and evaluate what wonderful things have happened to us over the last twelve months. Google, on the other hand, leaned towards the end of the year for the best applications in the Play Store.

Google Play awards are given out

The annual tradition is being served and Google checked the best that hit the digital shelves of the Play store. This year, to appreciate the growing popularity of lightweight and portable Chromebook devices, the company decided to additionally award the best application and game for "the largest screen on which you can use the Play Store". Changes have also taken place in the gaming section, where new categories have appeared, such as "best storytelling in a game", "best sequel" (although "best game-service" is more appropriate here), and "best game available in Play Pass".

So without further ado, let's find out what has been recognized by Google as the best apps available on the largest digital sales platform available on Android.

Google has released a list of the best apps of 2022

The best apps of 2022:

The best games of 2022:

Google has released a list of the best apps of 2022

The list of the best applications does not divide into specific categories, but many of these proposals are repeated in the international version of the plebiscite:

  • PetStar,
  • Breathwrk,
  • Plant Parent,
  • Recover Athletics,
  • Todoist,
  • Pocket,
  • BandLab ,
  • Book Morning Routing Waking Up,
  • Ukulele by Yousician,
  • Dream by WOMBO,
  • Diary - Private Notes ,
  • Gym Log & Workouts,
  • Linktree ,
  • Little Lunches,
  • Dream Recording ,
  • DanceFitme: Fun Weight Loss,
  • note widget .

I am not surprised by the poll results. Apex Legends Mobile was my favorite game used as a "natural benchmark" when testing mobile devices, and sometimes it was hard to tear myself away from Respawn Entertainment's mobile battle royale. This year's admiration for AI that generates images is reflected in the announcement of the best application in the Play Store, a tool for creating artwork by artificial intelligence.

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