Elon Musk has announced that he will stop being the head of Twitter. There is a condition

"I will resign as CEO as soon as I find someone stupid enough to take the position!" Twitter owner Elon Musk wrote. Previously, the billionaire created a survey to which 57.5 percent responded. Internet users voted for Musk to stop running the platform.

Elon Musk took over Twitter in late October. He began his reign with the dismissal of the most important people in the service. He also announced many changes to the platform. The billionaire left some of the decisions to Internet users, however. On Monday, the head of Twitter created a poll in which he asked Internet users whether he should step down as the head of this platform. More than 17.5 million Internet users voted. 57.5 percent of them believe that Musk should not be at the helm of Twitter.

Musk: I will resign when I find someone stupid enough to take over

The billionaire announced that the results would be applied to the results of the vote. So on Wednesday, he announced that he would resign as CEO of Twitter once he "finds someone stupid enough to take over!" He added that after that he would lead the software and server teams.

 $44 billion for Twitter

Elon Musk made a $44 billion bid to buy Twitter in April. In May, however, he withdrew, claiming that Twitter did not want to give him information about how many user accounts are fake.

In July, Musk said he was withdrawing from the purchase due to "false and misleading" information about the company. Soon after, Twitter took Musk to court, and the site's share price dropped significantly.

In early October, the billionaire changed his mind once again and announced that he was ready to buy Twitter for the price originally agreed with the service of $ 44 billion. In late October, it was reported that the deal had been finalized.

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