December's Xbox Game Pass was a positive surprise. Strong titles from Microsoft

 The offer of games in Xbox Game Pass for December turned out to be a positive surprise. Some of the titles are really strong. Did you expect LEGO Star Wars the Skywalker Saga, Hello Neighbor 2, or High On Life to join the service? And that's not all!

December Xbox Game Pass is full of hits

A total of 11 titles have been added to the list, of which only two will not be playable in every available version. Let us remind you that there are three of them - cloud, console, and PC. So let's start the review of the list with these two, which are not compatible with every form of fun.

Potion craft

An alchemist simulator that debuted in 2021. The unusual graphic design and the variety of mechanics made the title very warmly received.

The game will be available on both console and PC from December 13.

Totally reliable delivery service

A game that was definitely (and still is!) one of the best party offerings. This unusual co-op allows players to take on the role of couriers who should not necessarily deal with other people's shipments...

The simulator for slow-witted courier company employees is available to play only on PC.

Games are available in all forms

Now we will move on to games that are available to play both in the cloud and on PC and console. There are a lot of them, two of which will debut in Xbox Game Pass and have their premiere at the same time. What titles will be made available?

Metal Hellinger

A game that debuted in September this year and won the hearts of both players and reviewers. This is a rather unusual shooter because the player is to massacre the inhabitants of Hell, to the rhythm of metal music playing in the background.

It's like Beat Saber, but much more brutal, with guns instead of swords and limited to metal. And not needing a VR headset to work ;)

The title will be available to play on Xbox One on December 8. The Xbox Series and the PC version have been available on the service since September.

Hello neighbor 2

The game will debut on December 6, but the beta version has already been played by all major YouTubers dealing with horror, both in Poland and abroad. We play the role of a journalist who wants to solve the mystery hidden by the neighbor. The game will offer multiplayer and learning AI.

High on life.

Another production will go on Xbox Game Pass on the day of its premiere. In this specific mocking shooter, we will get talking guns in hand and we will have to save people from an alien cartel that wants to turn them (us?) into drugs. Questions? Not? I thought so…

The plans of aliens will be able to spoil from December 13.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

The last game in The Walking Dead series, from TellTale Games. This is the culmination of the adventures of Clementine, known from the previous parts. If you haven't had a chance to play these well-made titles, I highly recommend them!

The adventure started in previous games can be continued, because the game is now available on Xbox Game Pass.

Rainbow Billy: The Curse of Leviathan

Perfect game for fans of puzzles and 2.5D. Rainbow Billy tells the story of Billy (undoubtedly) who is tasked with bringing color back to the world. Xbox Game Pass will make it available to players on December 15.

Hot Wheels: Unleashed GOTY

Are any racing fans here? If so, Xbox Game Pass also has a title that you will be interested in too! The production was nominated for the award in the category of the best sports/racing game, and will also be made available in the Game of the Year version. Cars will be able to accelerate from December 15.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

The Skywalker Saga in LEGO form - all parts I to IX, condensed into one game. Fans of blocks will definitely have something to do in this extraordinary universe created by George Lucas.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will be available from December 6.


The title will take us to a place where the population is constantly decreasing, and our journey will force us to wander around cities on the verge of collapse. All this in eye-catching graphics.

The game is now available on the service!

Chained Echoes

A game inspired by old RPG games in which the player has a very simple task. Bring to an end the war that has been going on for many years between the three kingdoms actively involved in the conflict...

You will be able to try the impossible on December 8.


This is the list of games that will be available in Xbox Game Pass this month. Which titles interested you? What productions would you like to check out, and what games would you definitely thank? Let me know in the comments!

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