Competition for Starlinks will fly into orbit! SpaceX will help with this

The Starlink satellite system has competition. It is the British company OneWeb, which is guided by a similar goal, which is to provide satellite Internet using devices located on the so-called low earth orbit. It wouldn't be surprising if it wasn't for the fact that SpaceX, the company responsible for Starlinks, will help in launching them up.

Competition for Starlinks will fly into orbit! SpaceX will help with this

Rivals or friends?

If anyone feels confused and does not fully understand what all the fuss is about, we are in a hurry to explain - the British company OneWeb will soon provide a satellite Internet connection using devices forming constellations of satellites in Earth's orbit. It is thus a direct competitor of Starlinks , for which the American SpaceX is responsible .

The British turn out to have good, or at least decent, relations with their overseas rivals. It can also be an ordinary and cold business calculation, after all, the owners of OneWeb have been put against the wall. Initially, their devices were to be launched into orbit with the help of Russian Soyuz rockets. For obvious reasons, these plans were quite complicated.

OneWeb and the Russian Affair

Originally, the British company OneWeb was bound by a contract with the Russian side, which was to guarantee the launch of devices into the Earth's orbit. With the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, relations between OneWeb and the Russian space agency Roscosmos have been severely strained, eventually ending attempts to resolve the issue due to sanctions and Russian demands that British equipment never be used for military purposes.

OneWeb found itself in a difficult situation for several reasons - first, scheduled launches were in question. Secondly, 36 sets of satellites were left in Baikonur, Kazakhstan, and the company's losses were estimated at $ 229 million. Fortunately, the first problem has been somewhat resolved.

A helping hand from the USA and India

The company has reached an agreement with the American SpaceX and the Indian space agency. These companies have been contracted to carry out 6 launches of rockets equipped with the first generation OneWeb satellites. One of the launches took place in October and was organized by the Indian side .

The greatest surprise is the use of SpaceX services , although on the other hand, the British company basically had no other choice. The Americans are at the forefront when it comes to deploying a satellite Internet connection, and their huge advantage is the ability to create and launch their own rockets.

Nevertheless, OneWeb is also in the race and so far 464 of the British company's satellites have landed in lower Earth orbit. Despite the difficult situation, the humor does not leave them, as evidenced by a Twitter post suggesting that they are closely watching the activities of SpaceX - a competitor that will soon help them implement their plan.

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