Call of Duty on Switch? There is a possibility

Will Call of Duty finally come to Nintendo consoles? This is quite a realistic scenario if Microsoft finally takes over Activision Blizzard. Phil Spencer shared a new stance on this with the community.

The Call of Duty dispute

The main axis of contention on the Xbox-Sony line with the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by the former of these companies is the Call of Duty brand. It is currently the most popular FPS game of this type, enjoyed by millions of players. Additional popularity for the brand was also brought by Warzone, a great Battle Royale. It is not without reason that I mentioned that this is a source of conflict because the PlayStation manufacturer believes that the American company has monopolistic tendencies.

Call of Duty on Switch? There is a possibility

The relevant authorities from the United States, Great Britain, and the European Union have been investigating this case for many months to finally grant permission (or not) for Microsoft to take over Activision Blizzard. Now, with his announcement, Phil Spencer knocked Sony's strong argument out of hand and probably strongly tilted the chances of a successful deal to his side.

An important declaration from Phil Spencer

The head of Xbox shared an important message on Twitter. He confirmed that Microsoft will continue to offer Call of Duty on Steam, but more importantly that the title will likely return to Nintendo consoles, where it has been gone for 9 years. The American company was to sign an agreement for as many as 10 years! There's a reason Spencer made that declaration just now.

After all, thanks to this, he can refute the arguments about the monopoly and the fact that Call of Duty is only going to Xbox and PC. Microsoft spokesman David Cuddy also decided to refer to the matter: we will continue to follow Sony and Tencent in the market after the contract is closed, and together Activision and Xbox will benefit gamers and developers and increase the competitiveness of the industry.

It can certainly be said that the situation is developing, but the transfer of Call of Duty to Nintendo Switch should be a very good move for the entire industry. This will benefit not only both companies but also - above all - players who will be able to play their favorite shooter on this particular console.

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