Apple car with a strong slide, but cheaper. They announced the date!

Apple does not give up plans to build its own electric car, but it clearly lowers its tone. The famous "Apple Car" is expected to cost less than $100,000 and debut only in 2026. Creating a "Tesla competitor" turned out to be more difficult than the owners of the giant from Cupertino, California expected.

Apple car with a strong slide, but cheaper. They announced the date!
Apple Car was supposed to be a fully autonomous car, but now it is supposed to be cheaper and resembles ordinary "electrics".

"Apple Car" is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated cars in the world. A few years ago, the global giant in the market of phones and personal computers "Apple" announced the start of production of its own electric car. The plans were extremely ambitious, as it was to be a fully autonomous car, i.e. able to drive independently without the help of the driver. It was not supposed to be another "Tesla competitor" on the market, but a real revolution like the appearance of the first iPhone in 2007.

However, life has shown that this ambitious task will be very difficult. The latest, unofficial information about the future of "Apple Car" was provided by the Bloomberg economic service. The debut of the wonderful electric car with the logo of the giant from Cupertino is to be delayed. Its premiere is to take place only in 2026, although it was initially planned for 2019.

Apple Car, however, with a steering wheel

Journalist Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has reached the information that the Apple car is to resemble an ordinary "electric" offered by world car manufacturers. First of all, it is to be much cheaper than planned. Its price is to be no more than about 100,000 dollars (the first leaks about this car were about 120,000 dollars). Apple no longer plans to create a fully autonomous vehicle, and the option to drive without the driver's participation will be available on a similar basis as it looks, for example, in Tesla cars. "Apple Car" is to have a steering wheel, as well as classic pedals for accelerating and braking the car.

According to Bloomberg, the Apple car will be a typical city car. When driving on the highway, it will offer the driver the possibility of autonomous driving under the control of an onboard computer equipped with an artificial intelligence module. Apple engineers working on the "Titan" project clearly recognized that customers are not yet ready to buy fully autonomous cars.

The strong advantage of the "Apple Car" is to be multimedia and a unique offer of "onboard entertainment" for passengers, although the details are not known. Similarly, the final appearance of the vehicle is still kept secret. Several alleged designs of the body of the Apple car have appeared on the web, but we will have to wait a little longer for the official premiere.

Apple car with a strong slide, but cheaper. They announced the date!
On social media, there are more visions of what the "Apple Car" could look like. We will have to wait until at least 2026 for its premiere.

Internet users are already wondering what can distinguish "Apple Car" from other electric cars that are already driving on our roads. There is even a video on the web that is a computer animation of the future "charging the battery" of the technology giant from Cupertino.

According to unofficial information, Apple commissioned the development of a new electronic system for its car to control the vehicle's steering. It is supposed to have four times more power than currently available processors used by Apple.

The best specialists available on the market are to work on the automotive project "Tytan", i.e. the construction of a car with the famous "apple" on the hood from scratch. Among them are supposedly several engineers who previously created the legendary Tesla. Despite this, we will have to wait a little longer for the debut of "Apple Car".

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