Xiaomi 13 and MIUI 14 will debut in a few days! We know the release date

The new generation of Xiaomi flagships has been talked about for a long time and we expected its premiere to be really close. And in fact, we won't have to wait long for it - the manufacturer has officially announced when it will present the Xiaomi 13 and MIUI 14 series.

The official release date of Xiaomi 13 & MIUI 14

Already in June 2022, information appeared that the next generation of Xiaomi's flagship smartphones could debut earlier than the previous ones. As a reminder, both Xiaomi 11 and Xiaomi 12 were presented at the end of December. In the case of Xiaomi 13, there was even talk of November.

It turns out that the reports of accelerating the launch of the new generation of flagships were not made up. Because although they will not debut in November, they will do it. December 1, 2022. The informants did not disappoint again, revealing the producer's plans long before the official debut.

Xiaomi 13 and MIUI 14 will debut in a few days! We know the release date

The Chinese announced that the conference, during which they will present their new flagships, will start in China at 19:00 local time - then it will be 19:00 in the Philippines. At the same time, they revealed that the latest version of MIUI, marked with the number "14", will also be announced, which is to be free of ads and bloatware.

What do we know about Xiaomi 13?

The design of the upcoming flagships is no longer a secret, but this time they will be significantly different - the basic model will receive a flat screen with a diagonal of 6.2 inches and a resolution of 1.5K, while the variant with the note "Pro" ~ 6.7-inch 2K. In both cases, there will be an image refresh function with a frequency of 120 Hz.

Before the premiere, we also learned that on the back of Xiaomi 13 there will be two cameras with a resolution of 50 Mpix, while in the "Pro" version all three will have 50 Mpix. In both models, there is to be one camera with a 32 Mpix matrix on the front.

Xiaomi 13 and MIUI 14 will debut in a few days! We know the release date

Both models will also have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor on board . We also know that Xiaomi 13 Pro will receive a battery with a capacity of 4800 mAh, which can be charged with a power of 120 W. In addition, it will be equipped with two proprietary Xiaomi Surge C2 and Surge P2 processors.

A few days before the official premiere, information about the prices of the new Xiaomi flagships also appeared - they do not sound optimistic.

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