Volkswagen Office Chair. It's almost like driving a car.

Volkswagen Office Chair. It's almost like driving a car.

Run through the company at a maximum speed of 20 km / h!

The chair in which an office worker spends the day is better if it is comfortable. The so-called "high-performance" chairs have adjustable heights, lumbar and back support, and protruding footrests.

But the office chair that Volkswagen spent 17 years developing... is a high-tech chair that does almost the same thing as a car.

For those who want to move comfortably within the company

What if this chair could use a Volkswagen utility vehicle (UTV) in the office? It was designed with the concept of

When you sit down, you can unlock it with a remote control, fasten your seat belt, and the five wheels can run at a maximum speed of 20 km / h.

The function of a car necessary for the office?

Armrests shine like headlights and taillights, so there is no problem even if you work overtime after the lights go out. It is a quick change to the party specifications of rich colors. There is a storage space behind the backrest, and the built-in heater keeps your butt warm even when the heating is turned off. You can also play music with a hitch for towing, a touch panel, and a high-fidelity speaker, and of course, you can charge your smartphone or laptop with a USB.

Volkswagen Office Chair. It's almost like driving a car.

It runs a maximum distance of 12km, so you can move as much as you want to restaurants, toilets, and conference rooms. The blinker function can also sound the horn, and the rear camera and 360-degree sensor can prevent traffic accidents in the company, and you can also escape from your boss who is approaching.

High-tech chairs should become the standard

Hats off to the engineers who have packed so many functions into the car. It feels like I made it half as a joke, but in the near future, high-tech and multi-functional chairs like this may become commonplace. Wouldn't Volkswagen do office furniture too?

** Photo Credit: Volkwagen

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