Twitter's new billing plan will cost $8 per month, according to Elon Musk.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has revealed that his planned paid plan will be worth $8 a month. The advertisement has been halved with the addition of a certification mark, reply priority display, etc.

Twitter's new billing plan will cost $8 per month, according to Elon Musk.

First of all, about the certification mark with a blue check, The current system of aristocrats and commoners is shit, with those who have the certification mark and those who don't.Power to the people! As a liberator and an ally of users who do not have it, he has indicated his intention to raise the price of Twitter Blue, a monthly billing plan, to $ 8 and set a certification mark.

Eight dollars a month, but according to Musk, it will be adjusted depending on the purchasing power of each region.

This new Twitter Blue plan includes the Certification Mark as well as:

  • Reply/mention/priority in search results (explained as “essential to combat spam and fraud”)
  • Posting long videos/audio
  • Advertisements have halved

Furthermore, for content companies that collaborate with Twitter, he cited the avoidance of the so-called paywall, such as viewing paid articles, as a benefit.

This paywall circumvention, for example, seems to be a mechanism that allows paid articles to be viewed by Twitter Blue subscribers, and the publisher receives revenue sharing from Twitter.

Musk also said that the billing plan will be a revenue stream for Twitter to return profits to content creators.

Twitter Blue, which is already available in some regions, is a subscription plan that you can join for about $5 a month. Currently, it includes post-editing of tweets, preliminary experience of experimental new functions, application customization, etc.

Twitter, pre-introduction of "tweet edit button" that can be corrected after posting only for paying users. Starting with some overseas regions

An internal leak made it public that Elon Musk had raised the price of this Twitter Blue to $20 a month in the US and ordered it to be a set of certification marks, and there was no small backlash about the price.

Elon Musk instructs you to sell Twitter's certification mark for $20 per month ・If you do not meet the launch next week, you will be dismissed.

Elon Musk approves Twitter's authentication mark billing policy. Writer King's 'Rather you guys pay me' proposed price cut to $ 8 a month

Did you recalculate after seeing the reaction? $ 20! High! I don't know if he aimed to welcome the four mornings and evenings by directing a "significant price reduction" after the spread, but for Elon Musk, $ 8 a month seems to be the lowest price for "power to the people".

The certification mark is open to general users, and celebrities are identified with separate tags

Twitter's authentication mark is proof that Twitter has confirmed the identity of celebrities who are prone to impersonation, journalists, politicians, corporate brands, etc.

There is no particular privilege (*), and although it is only "identity verified", it is only given to a small number of users who meet the requirements, and Twitter has a certain number of followers in response to the flood of authentication requests. By setting strict standards, the mask was in a state of inciting "aristocrats and commoners".

(* Strictly speaking, authenticated users have functions that can only be used by authenticated users. Mainly filters for those who receive a large number of mentions and replies. If you are only talking with someone who has an authentication mark, maybe Now I don't see mentions of unauthenticated users)

Regarding the "certification mark for 20 dollars a month" proposal, attention was paid to whether or not identity verification will be as thorough as before, and whether the meaning of the certification mark itself will change to "paying user mark".

“Like we already do with politicians, celebrities have an extra tag under their name,” Musk said.

Although there are many uncertainties such as whether to continue the name Verified / Verified, the content of identity verification, and examination, it seems certain that at least if you pay Twitter every month, you will get a blue mark.

Priority display of replies, mentions, and search results

Ever since Elon Musk argued not to buy Twitter, he has argued that Twitter has too many bots, spam, and noise.

At $8 a month, the new Twitter Blue says that prioritizing subscriber replies, mentions, and visibility in search results is critical to fighting spam and fraud.

Certainly, bots and spam accounts that are mechanically generated and mass mobilized may not be able to join Twitter Blue if they require some kind of screening and payment for each one, and may not stand out (just register the payment method but serves as a form of identity verification).

However, on the other hand, spam and fraudulent accounts exist because standing out on Twitter is directly profitable, so some people are willing to pay $8 or so.

Aside from direct fraud that runs away without revealing your identity, it is reasonable to pay as a conspicuous expense for accounts for selling products, accounts that earn money with followers and accounts for buzzing and cashing. You can

Twitter's display algorithm has been under discussion for a long time. There may be an account of the type "Is there" at the top.

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