Elon Musk fires Twitter engineer who publicly questioned him

Mr. Elon Musk, the head of Twitter, is a little bearish, but looking at his Twitter is bullish in itself. The outrageous tweet has not changed. A Twitter engineer who pointed out Mr. Mask's mistake on Twitter has been fired.

In response to a tweet posted by Twitter CEO Elon Musk last November 13 apologizing for the delay in Twitter's response, Eric Fronhoefer, a software engineer at the company, said, "I am an Android user. I have been involved in the version of the Twitter app for 6 years, but I can assure you that this [Mr.

Mr. Musk responded to Mr. Fronhoefer's point by saying, "So please correct my mistake. What is the correct answer? Twitter is very slow on Android devices. What have you done to improve it?"

In response to this, Mr. Fronhoefer gave a technical explanation in five consecutive tweets, but Mr. Musk did not reply to this, and an outside engineer who participated in the exchange between the two said, "My boss is learning." You look like a mean and selfish developer to try to beat up your boss in public when you're trying," Fronhoefer tweeted, adding, "Ask (internal) Slack. Or you should email me and ask." At the end of the thread, Musk tweeted, "He's fired."

Elon Musk fires Twitter engineer who publicly questioned him

Fronhoefer later tweeted an image of his work Mac being inaccessible, along with a link to a Forbes article documenting the incident.

The series of exchanges branched out in the middle, making it difficult to follow them all on Twitter.

However, Frohnhoefer told the media that five hours after the series of tweets, he could no longer log in to his business terminal. By the way, there was no official notification from Twitter's human resources department. (The human resources department is also dying and not functioning). Mr. Frohnhoefer himself doesn't seem to mind, and his Twitter profile has been changed to " former Twitter engineer", and he is already positively looking for a job.

Mr. Musk, who bought Twitter in search of a place for free speech, is so bitter about the opinions of his employees. I'm afraid I can't tweet freely if I'm fired because of a discussion on Twitter.

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