AirDrop is open to everyone for 10 minutes! To popularize worldwide, Apple confirms

Recently, in the beta versions of iOS 16.1.1 and iOS 16.2 Beta 2, Apple added a new option to the AirDrop function of the National Bank iPhone, specifically "open to everyone for 10 minutes" to restrict unfamiliar iOS devices from sending data to the user's iPhone. The duration of the file.

AirDrop is open to everyone for 10 minutes! To popularize worldwide, Apple confirms

In Apple's latest iOS 16 version, AirDrop's new "open to everyone for 10 minutes" option has replaced the original "open to everyone" option. After this period of time, AirDrop's receiving settings will automatically revert to "Contacts Only".

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman learned from Apple that the company also plans to roll out a new AirDrop setting globally over the next year to reduce unnecessary file sharing, though it's unclear when the setting will roll out to other countries or regions. Know if Apple will give users the right to customize the time limit.

AirDrop is a very convenient feature that allows all nearby iOS devices to send files and pictures to each other. Social software transfer is even more efficient. With just the click of a finger, you can send files to any device within range. The mutual transmission alliance of the Android camp is also largely the result of learning AirDrop, completing the "last mile" of mutual transmission between mobile phones.

AirDrop is open to everyone for 10 minutes! To popularize worldwide, Apple confirms

Apple's restriction of AirDrop's sharing ability is not a good thing, but a forced choice in the general environment. Many people who have nothing to do like to use AirDrop to send various harassing messages to the users around them, and enjoy it.

Additionally to AirDrop, some people with ulterior motives inject marketing advertisements into photo albums, searches, calendars, family, iMessage, etc., or other bad harassing information, and the target users will directly see this information even if they do not agree to receive it. Apple's features have brought unprecedented convenience to users, but there are also a number of loopholes associated with them. I also think the pop-up window on the iPhone device is quite annoying. Even if the device is not your own, the system will pop up the window and display "not your device".

In this regard, Apple, as the supplier of the iPhone, actually has to bear responsibility, and it is helpless to restrict AirDropIn the event that the new option becomes universally acknowledged by users, Apple will certainly promote it to the world, causing deep harassment to users.

Of course, Does not think that restricting the AirDrop function blindly is the ultimate solution to prevent criminals from releasing marketing and harassing information. IOS should also strengthen the localization function to help users identify harmful information in sharing channels and block them through algorithms. The comparison of "Open to everyone for 10 minutes" helps a lot.

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