Windows 11 2022 Update

Microsoft releases new features of 'Windows 11 2022 Update' to the public

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Last October 18th, Microsoft began offering new features for "Windows 11 2022 Update" (version 22H2). It includes the previously announced Explorer tabs and the taskbar overflow display.

Windows 11 2022 Update
New features for Windows 11 22H2, such as explorer tabs, have started

Some features are not yet available, but the features that will be added are as follows.

  • Implementing an explorer that supports tab display
  • Implementing taskbar overflow display
  • Applications that do not fit on the taskbar can be displayed in one space
  • Added "Task Manager" launch menu when right-clicking on the taskbar
  • Enhancement of the "Nearby Sharing" function
  • It will be possible to share files etc. Even with devices that cannot use Bluetooth
  • Photos app update (coming late October)
  • Implementing rich galleries and photo collections
  • Easy to browse/search/manage/use images
  • Easily back up images to OneDrive
  • Integration with iCloud Photos (coming in November)
  • Implemented "Suggested Actions" when copying to clipboard (US, Canada, Mexico only)

If you copy a character string that seems to be a phone number or date, it will suggest an action that matches the copied content, such as launching "Microsoft Teams" or adding an event to "Calendar".

The Update, which must be manually installed via Windows Update (KB5019509), will be released to all 22H2 environments with the November security update.

Windows 11 22H2 now uses Windows Terminal as its default terminal

New features for Windows 11 22H2, such as explorer tabs, have started
Windows Terminal is now the default terminal in Windows 11 22H2

In the Windows 11 2022 Update, which began offering in September, "Windows Terminal" is the default terminal instead of the conventional "Windows console host".

Although it is a change that general users do not notice much, in the past the Windows console host started the command prompt and Windows PowerShell. However, in the 22H2 environment, Windows Terminal now starts up, and this makes it possible to use some functions that were not possible until now.

Last October 18th, Microsoft introduced some fan-favorite features available in Windows Terminal on its official blog.

Profiles: Create and switch between multiple profiles within Windows Terminal. PowerShell is assigned by default but can be changed from the settings

Tabs and panes: In addition to switching profiles with tabs, you can also split the screen by clicking the add tab button or profile while holding down the "Alt" key.

Command Palette: Displays commands (shortcuts) that can be used with the "Ctrl + Shift + P" keys

Full customization: Various items such as the background, color scheme, and font of the application can be customized from the setting screen.

Apple will begin delivering macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16 on October 25

Windows 11 2022 Update
iPadOS 16 will be delivered on October 25th

Apple announced on October 20th that it will start distributing macOS Venture and iPadOS 16 on October 25th. iPadOS 16 was originally scheduled to be released at the same time as iOS 16, but the release was delayed.

Both macOS Venture and iPadOS 16 offer a new feature, the Stage Manager. You can freely change the window size of the application, making it easier to use for multitasking. For the first time on the iPad, you can see multiple overlapping windows at a glance. Also, with macOS Venture, the iPhone can be used as a webcam.

Windows 11 2022 Update
"Stage manager" will be available on macOS venture and iPadOS 16

With iPadOS 16, external display support is available, allowing you to use your iPad Pro or iPad Air with an external display at up to 6K resolution using Stage Manager. A 2022 release is planned for this feature.

In addition, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro has a "reference mode" that can display reference colors for general color standards as well as reference colors for SDR and HDR video formats. "Apple's iPad Pro can be used both as a stand-alone device and as a reference display using Mac's Sidecar feature."

Meta Quest releases the "Adobe Acrobat" version

Last October 18th, Adobe released the VR headset "Meta Quest" version of its PDF document tool "Adobe Acrobat". It can be installed from the Meta Quest app store.

Windows 11 2022 Update
Meta Quest version of Adobe Acrobat released

With the Meta Quest version of Acrobat, you can browse PDFs in VR space, share PDFs on the cloud, add comments, add electronic signatures to documents (a limited number of times), add comments, and highlights, add handwritten drawings, and convert. You can use almost all the functions provided by the Web version of Acrobat, such as compression and other functions (subscription required).

Adobe and Meta also plan to integrate the Adobe Substance 3D Modeler and collaborative review app (coming soon) directly into the Meta Quest platform.

The "NVIDIA DLSS feature test" in 3DMark now supports "DLSS 3".

Last October 19th, UL Solutions added DLSS 3 (3rd generation Deep Learning Super Sampling) support to the "NVIDIA DLSS feature test" function test of graphics-related benchmark software "3DMark".

Windows 11 2022 Update
DLSS 3 support added to NVIDIA DLSS feature test in 3DMark

DLSS 3 is the latest version of NVIDIA's proprietary AI super-resolution technology "DLSS". Combining ray tracing and AI technology, it dramatically improves image quality and greatly improves performance at the same time, and also adds a new function called optical multi-frame generation. With these, it is said that the frame rate will be improved by up to 4 times compared to when DLSS is not used.

The NVIDIA DLSS feature test allows you to compare performance and image quality with and without DLSS processing, and if you're using the GeForce RTX 40 series, you can also compare performance with and without DLSS 3.

The NVIDIA DLSS feature test can be used with the paid Advanced Edition and Professional Edition. However, if you have purchased the Advanced Edition before January 8, 2019, you will need to purchase the "3DMark Port Royal upgrade" (₱99.00 ($2.99 dollar) on Steam) separately.

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