Nothing Ear (stick) - A new way to experience sound

Introducing wireless earphones from Nothing!

Nothing Ear (stick) - A new way to experience sound

How do you listen to music when you’re away from your computer? Whether it’s commuting or out on the town with friends, listening to MP3s just doesn’t cut it sometimes—particularly if you want to share music with friends or enjoy a pair of high-quality headphones that can deliver immersive audio in any environment. With "Nothing" announced its second audio product today with the Ear (stick) wireless earphones, users can now listen to their favorite music wherever and whenever they want, through an easy-to-use wireless solution that provides up to 29 hours of listening time off of a single charge.

Open-air type that seems to be light to wear

Nothing Ear (stick) - A new way to experience sound

The Nothing Ear (stick) is an open-air type that seems to be light to wear. It has been developed in order to be able to hear music or podcasts more clearly, as well as being able to enjoy the sounds of nature and conversations more deeply. This product features a cylindrical case with up to 29 hours of battery life, and it has been designed for casual use with no particular restrictions on age or gender. With this product, you can experience better listening quality in any environment without having to worry about any discomfort from wearing headphones or earphones. At the same time, you are not disconnected from what is happening around you; rather, this product helps make communication easier by allowing you to maintain your awareness of your surroundings. It also includes a touch switch so it's easy to change volume levels without getting tangled in cables.

In addition, there are three microphones located on both sides of the earpiece so that wearers can detect speech direction accurately and respond quickly.

Ear (stick) pursuing comfort and high sound quality

Nothing Ear (stick) - A new way to experience sound

Ear (stick) is a completely wireless earphone equipped with a 12.6mm custom driver. Regarding the sound quality, the company says, "Achieving rich depth, clear treble, and faithful detail. By using the industry's highest-grade driver magnet and strengthening the diaphragm (diaphragm), stable sound quality is achieved from high to low frequencies. It maintains a sound that is full of presence.”

We are also particular about wearability, and the shape is based on ergonomics. One earbud weighs only 4.4g and can play for up to 29 hours. Equipped with a function that measures the shape of the user's unique ear canal and the comfort of wearing the earbud, and detects the amount of bass that is lost during wearing.

Nothing Ear (stick) - A new way to experience sound

Three high-definition microphones work with the latest algorithms during calls. Filters ambient noise and reduces wind noise, etc.

Simply press the stem of the earbud to play, pause, skip songs, activate voice assistant, adjust volume, and more. It works even if your fingers are wet. You can customize EQ settings such as gesture control and bass, midrange, and treble with the "Nothing X app" (Android / iOS).

Nothing Ear (stick) - A new way to experience sound

The charging case is a “lipstick” like a “digital device that is a barrier in one aspect of life” (the company). Just like the smartphone "Phone (1)" where the mini LED embedded in the transparent panel emits light when necessary, "transparency" is its identity.

The size of the earphone is 18.8 (width) x 29.8 (height) x 18.4 (depth) mm, and the charging case is 29.8 (width) x 87.1 (height) x 29.8 (depth) mm. The weight is 4.4g for the earphones and 46.3g for the charging case.

What features did you improve in response to Ear(1) feedback?

Nothing Ear (stick) - A new way to experience sound

Feedback from Ear (1) users is also used in the development of Ear (stick). There are two noticeable improvements: "First, connectivity. Ear (1) has the antenna inside the bottom of the earphone, and Ear (stick) has the antenna outside the stem for better connectivity. The battery life has also been improved, with 7 hours of continuous playback on the Ear (stick) and up to 29 hours of playback while charging in the case.” By the way, the continuous talk time is up to 3 hours, and up to 12 hours when using a case. It is also an advantage that you can play for about 2 hours with just 10 minutes of charging.

Ear (1) also had a touch control function that operated by touching the earphone, but "it was quite sensitive, so I could accidentally touch it and change the volume," says Ivan Jeridis. Ear (stick) can be adjusted with a press control that pushes the stem, improving operability. The user can set which earbud to press to decrease or increase the volume.

Nothing Ear (stick) - A new way to experience sound

The half-in-ear Ear (stick) does not have a noise-canceling function. However, it is equipped with "Clear Voice Technology" that realizes clear call voice. It uses three microphones and the latest smart algorithms to enhance your voice and eliminate wind noise and ambient noise. According to Ivangelidis, "3 compared to Ear (1) reduced the number of decibels."

Ear (1) can be used by pairing with devices with Android 5.1 or later and iOS 11 or later. When paired with Nothing Phone (1), no app is required, and various settings are easy to access and are set for more comfortable use. An app called "Nothing X" is required to connect with devices from other companies, but the same functions as with Nothing Phone (1) can be used. In addition, it can be easily connected to an Android device using the Fast Pair function.

Nothing Ear (stick) is eye-catching with its novel design, but it seems that they are focusing on technology to enjoy music comfortably rather than the outward design.

Nothing Ear (stick) retails for $99 / €119 / £99, the same price as Nothing Ear (1), a product that recently got a 50% price increase and now retails for $150. 

Nothing Ear (stick) will be available in over 40 countries from November 4 through and partnering retailers. Until November 30, Nothing is offering a 10% discount to early buyers.

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