In order to maintain verification badges, Twitter requires a monthly subscription of $19.99

Mr. Elon Musk, who bought Twitter for about 6.4 trillion yen, is immediately embarking on the company's "reform". Musk, who has already fired four executives, including CEO Parag Agrawal, is now looking to improve the profitability of the subscription service.

In order to maintain verification badges, Twitter requires a monthly subscription of $19.99

There were rumors that 75% of the employees would be fired by the end of October after a prank in front of the headquarters held a cardboard box and cosplayed "I just got fired". Due to the completion of the Elon Musk acquisition, there is a lot of noise in the Twitter neighborhood due to the denial of the acquisition.

This time, Elon Musk told employees, "Currently raise the price of Twitter Blue, which is currently $ 4.99 a month to 20 dollars a month, and make the certification mark a subscription benefit'' "November 7 Unconfirmed information has been circulating that he was notified that he would be dismissed if he did not make it in time.

Just as the major media have taken the plain Halloween duo seriously, it is also a time when false information and misinformation take advantage of the confusion, so you can't take anything with a grain of salt.

The instructions appeared to be similar to "Raise the price of Twitter Blue from 5 dollars to 20 dollars, and sell the certification mark as a set '' and "If you could not provide services by November 7, you would be fired ''. Aside from the fact that every employee's emails during the period when there was a lot of replacement have been leaked, several accounts and media outlets have been accurately relaying information from people familiar with Twitter's internals. Since there are reports that not only hearsay but also the document itself was confirmed, it is considered that the information has a certain degree of accuracy.

For context, it has been reported that Twitter has been preparing to revamp and expand its paid plan Twitter Blue, which is only available in some regions.

With the current Twitter Blue, you can use the Edit function that allows you to rewrite for a certain period of time after tweeting, pre-emptive testing of some experimental functions, and various customizations.

In addition, if not circumstantial evidence, Elon Musk himself just tweeted about the verification system that he is "reinventing the entire verification process right now."

Assuming that this "I'm fired if I don't make it in time'' statement is true, will it actually be in the form of a price increase from $5 to $20? I don't understand it at all, but the slightly interesting one is the support for the currently authenticated user.

Based on information obtained from stakeholders, The Verge and others claim that they require a monthly payment to maintain certification marks, and if they do not pay within 90 days, they will lose the mark.

Twitter's blue certification mark is originally a mark that indicates that Twitter has confirmed that ``this account is the person who claims to be.''

It only indicates that you are the person who is not an impersonator and has nothing to do with Twitter's approval of what you say, or the authenticity or quality of what you say.

However, before the issuance of the certification mark had to wait until it was recognized as a suitable account, and while it was issued in large numbers to accounts that did not know why it was given, celebrities and brands declared it themselves. It is also true that it was treated as something of an authoritative entity because it was not something that could be obtained even if one wanted it, such as being quite narrow gates, being rejected for unknown reasons, and accepting applications themselves being interrupted.

Even though it only means to admit that you are the person who claims to be you, for the above reasons, it is often misunderstood that "Twitter guarantees that it is a trustworthy account". It is also a profitable mark for us.

Considering that there are a large number of accounts requesting certification marks and that personal identification documents, etc. Are reviewed in each country, it is understandable that there is a fee for issuance, and that it is possible to monetize it.

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It's going to be very interesting to see which way it goes, but with Elon Musk himself saying he's revamping the certification process "right now," and if the rumors are correct, there will be a change next week (if there's time), so it's not too far off. Development can be expected. Elon Musk himself may tweet denials or supplements on a whim.

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