Brazilian Court Fine $19 Million for selling iPhone without charger.

In September, Brazil's Ministry of Justice ordered Apple to stop selling iPhones in Brazil without a charger. Apple was fined 1,200 reals (about $2 Million). However, this time, the fine is about $19 Million.

Brazilian Court Fine $19 Million for selling iPhone without charger.

A group formed by consumers and citizens in Brazil sued Appel for the iPhone without a charger. A Brazilian court ruled that Apple would be fined 100 million reais ($27 million) for selling an iPhone without a charger. Also, according to local media in Brazil, people who have already purchased an iPhone without a charger (after October 13, 2020) will be asked to provide a charger, and from now on, smartphones will be shipped with a charger. It is said that it will be required to sell. In other words, Apple's disaster.

Apple explains that the reason for not including the charger in the box is an effort to reduce carbon emissions. Still, a Brazilian court ruled that this was a "separate purchase of what was once included in the package under the name of the Green Initiative." I forced consumers to let me do it," he said.

In order to reduce electronic waste, including a charger is a global trend that not only Apple but also other companies are working on, and I feel that Brazil's decision is going backward... When this happens, I can't help but think that it would have been better to have integrated USB-C charging sooner.

Apple plans to appeal the ruling.

Brazil's government orders Apple to stop selling iPhones without chargers

Globally, it's going backward.

Brazilian Court Fine $19 Million for selling iPhone without charger.

Brazil's Ministry of Justice has ordered Apple to impose fines and charging charges on iPhones that do not include chargers, citing them as defective products.

The iPhone 12 series and iPhone 13 series are subject to fines as incomplete products. In Brazil, a man sued Apple in May of this year, saying, "You can't charge because you don't have a charger!" The iPhone 14 just announced will also come with a charger in Brazil.

Apple stopped including a charger with the iPhone 12. You don't need it because everyone has a lot of things at home, right? As a result, if a charger is required, the user must purchase it separately. In Europe, where electronic waste regulations are at the forefront, it is estimated that unused chargers alone will generate 11,000 tons of electronic waste annually. The main reason why we want to unify USB-C chargers is that we can charge various devices with one charger.

Apple isn't the only company to ditch chargers. Google has discontinued the inclusion of a charger from Pixel 6. Xiaomi is also suspended. Samsung ditched not only the charger but also the earbuds it once included.

Brazil's order to Apple is not a regulatory enactment, so it's not yet known if it will extend to Google and Samsung. An order that goes against the trend of the world to reduce e-waste?

The fact that there is a voice saying that it is troublesome without a package means that the current charger situation is inconvenient. The EU says, "Any device can be charged with a single USB-C!"

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