Apple watchOS 9.0.2: What's New and What's Fixed

Apple watchOS 9.0.2: What's New and What's Fixed

Apple has just released watchOS 9.0.2, which includes some important bug fixes. Here's a look at what's new and what's been fixed in this update:

What's New:

-The updated software includes several bug fixes and performance improvements.

-It addresses an issue that caused the Apple Watch to sometimes restart unexpectedly.

-A problem with the Calendar app that caused events to be duplicated has been fixed.

-And, finally, an issue that caused screenshots to be distorted has been resolved.

What's Fixed:

-The updated software should also fix an issue that caused the Digital Crown to not respond correctly in some cases.

-A bug that prevented Health data from being shared with some third-party apps has been corrected.

-"Hey Siri" voice activation should now work as expected.

-And a glitch that caused the Watch to display the wrong time in certain time zones has also been addressed.

Apple Has Released watchOS 9.0.2 Which Fixes a Number of Bugs

So you've downloaded watchOS 9.0.2 on your Apple Watch. What does that mean for you?

Apple watchOS 9.0.2: What's New and What's Fixed

Well, for starters, the update fixes a number of pesky bugs that have been nagging users since the release of watchOS 9.0.1. These include a bug that was causing the Apple Watch to randomly restart, as well as one that was preventing some users from being able to launch certain apps.

watchOS 9.0.2 also includes a number of performance enhancements and security updates, so it's definitely worth upgrading if you haven't already done so. Simply go to the General settings on your Apple Watch and then select Software Update to get started.

The New watchOS Fixes Audio Dropouts While Streaming on Spotify

Apple watchOS 9.0.2: What's New and What's Fixed

If you're an Apple Watch user who streams music from Spotify, you'll be happy to know that watchOS 9.0.2 fixes the audio dropouts that you've been experiencing.

According to Apple, the new update "includes improvements and bug fixes, including a fix for an issue that could cause audio dropouts when streaming music."

So if you've been having trouble with your music streaming consistently, go ahead and update your watchOS to 9.0.2. It should take care of the problem.

It Also Fixes a Bug Where When Using AssistiveTouch, You Still Get Snooze Notifications for Alarms Even if You Delete Them

So you were having some trouble with your alarms not going off last week? Apple has released watchOS 9.0.2, which fixes a bug where when you used AssistiveTouch, you still got snooze notifications for alarms even if you deleted them.

This update also fixes an issue where the Calendar app would crash when adding an event, and the issue where some people were not able to receive or send messages via iMessage.

So if you're looking to update your Apple watchOS, just open up the Watch app on your iPhone and go to General > Software Update.

WatchOS 9.0.2 Also Includes a Number of Other Stability Improvements and Bug Fixes

Apple has just released watchOS 9.0.2, which includes a number of bug fixes and stability improvements. Here's what you need to know about the new update:

watchOS 9.0.2 includes a fix for an issue that was causing the watch to restart unexpectedly.

watchOS 9.0.2 also includes a number of other stability improvements and bug fixes.

The update is available now, and it's recommended that you install it as soon as possible.

If You Have an Apple Watch, You Can Update to watchOS 9.0.2 by Going to the Watch App on Your iPhone and Then Checking for Updates

Apple watchOS 9.0.2: What's New and What's Fixed

If you have an Apple Watch, you can update to watchOS 9.0.2 by going to the Watch app on your iPhone and then checking for updates. watchOS 9.0.2 includes bug fixes and improvements, so it's important to install the update as soon as possible.

The update includes fixes for an issue that caused some workouts to not be included in Activity Sharing, an issue that caused the workout icon to not appear on the Lock Screen, and an issue that caused the app to crash when users tried to create a new complication.

For More Information on the New watchOS, You Can Check Out Apple's Release Notes

If you're curious to learn more about the new watchOS, Apple has released a document called "watchOS 9.0.2 Release Notes". It's a detailed account of everything that's been changed and fixed in this update.

So if you want to take a closer look at all the new features and bug fixes, go ahead and check out Apple's Release Notes. It's a great way to get more information on what's new in watchOS 9.0.2.


After updating to watchOS 9.0.2, you shouldn't experience any more audio dropouts while streaming Spotify songs or alarms going off when you've already deleted them. If you do still experience these issues, Apple recommends restarting your Apple Watch.

To apply for Apple Watch updates, the following conditions must be met:

Apple Watch is within range of an iPhone connected to Wi-Fi

Apple Watch connected to the charger

Your Apple Watch is at least 50% charged

After confirming these, tap "Download and Install" to apply the update.

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